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Rome View Print framed & matted in a glazed 1951 rustic finished window sash.

The print is a combination of three 35mm color negatives that have been digitally scanned and stitched together to make up one image. The image size is 65 cm. wide by 25 cm. high matted in an overall frame that measures 92 cm. wide by 46 cm. high. The photo was taken on the top of St. Peter's in the vatican after a major rain storm in the summer of 2002. The digital file was printed using the Epson Pro 9600 Large Format Printer with Ultra Chrome Archival Inks. This framed image comes signed and numbered with a Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity by Master Printer and Photographer Daniel A. Kolano. This framed print can be purchased including shipping and handling for $840.00.

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